EduCareDo collaborates with a number of organisations

The Biodynamic Association awakens and enlivens co-creative relationships between humans and the earth, transforming the practice and culture of agriculture to renew the vitality of the earth, the integrity of our food, and the health and wholeness of our communities.

The Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year offers aspiring biodynamic farmers the opportunity to build a solid foundation in the principles and practices of biodynamic agriculture. Individual support from an experienced mentor farmer and a cohesive, integrated, and interactive learning curriculum bring biodynamics to life.

All EduCareDo profits from the BDA Farmer Foundation Year go to support The Y Project in the United States, which provides mentors, health services, artistic programs and events for individuals, including those in the farming community, ages 16-26.

Developing the Self - Developing the World is a social initiative arising from Inner Work Path ( It was founded by a community of individuals committed to working with inner development for world development and striving to build healthy community life in the light of anthroposophy. As an organisation, Developing the Self - Developing the World also connects communities and individuals with artists, health practitioners, farmers and educators who offer peer support, workshops, and programs for school faculties, students and parents. A variety of courses can be tailored to meet the needs of any community on themes such as: Caring for the senses in early childhood • External applications to harmonise the senses • Social understanding, gender and sexuality • The foundations of health and wellbeing • and more...


The Y Project is a social initiative of Developing the Self Developing the World.  It is held by a group of volunteers in Australia and New York who offer their time and expertise in their fields to mentor and support 16 to 26 year olds in their work and life questions.

It is a new initiative in which community events are emerging across Australia and America, and individuals are engaging with mentors or health services to support them on various levels. Diverse opportunities are being made available as more contributors come forward through Inner Work Path and recipients also contribute to the Y Project.

The Y Project is fully funded through the effort of volunteers, financial and in-kind donations, sponsorships and Developing the Self course contributions. It allows individual’s participation in programs to be fully or partially funded.  In 2017, the first official year, twenty-two people engaged with the program.

It is available to any person 16 – 26 years old who may be interested.


The Inner Work Path offers courses, lectures and publications in the light of anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf steiner, bringing the practical use of meditation and contemplation exercises to advance, strengthen and enliven the individual’s development. Within humanity each person has a unique and emerging individuality to bring.

Every step an individual takes affects the collective development of humanity. The world we experience now is a result of the inner work of past generations. Through consciously working to understand and experience our connection to the higher worlds we are more able to fully realise and contribute to the higher unfolding of humankind.

At the foundation of western esoteric studies is the understanding of the evolution of consciousness.  Esoteric schooling focuses on the strengthening of the human soul in our times.  Ancient and modern practices are re-enlivened to meet humanity’s evolving needs and to fulfill the task of freedom and love to its highest degree.