EduCareDo was established by Erwin Berney, one of the founders of Parsifal College / Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. Erwin's enquiring mind and commitment to the path of inner development and new community has given a firm foundation for the volunteers who continue to carry and co-ordinate the entire program.

Upon arriving in Australia from Budapest in 1949 Erwin Berney set up Berney Studios, a commercial photographic studio in Liverpool St Sydney which later became the site for the first 'Orientation Course' in Anthroposophy. From there a number of organisations separated out, finding their own paths and development:

  • The Orientation Course later became Parsifal College for Adult Education, and is now known as Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

  • Demeter Biodynamic Bakery which became Helios Enterprises

  • The Goethean Science Research Centre for Agricultural, Food and Medical Testing and Research was officially formed in 1982, and along with Helios was the first producer and distributor of Wala anthroposophical medicines in Australia. In 2002 The Goethean Science Research Centre became EduCareDo Ltd.

  • Hermes Trilance Ltd, a bank-like organisation which helped to fund many more initiatives around the world.

It was during his many years lecturing at Parsifal College in Sydney, that Erwin was asked by prospective students if there was a distance education version of the first year (Foundation Year) of the Parsifal Certificate. When Erwin retired from full-time lecturing in the early 2000's (Erwin being in his late 70's), he devoted himself to answering the call from these many people, and the work of the Goethean Science Research Institute became the foundation of EduCareDo Ltd as it is known today.

EduCareDo is the work of a man who had the strength of will to carry forward anthroposophy into the world in truly practical ways. He came with decades of experience in teaching anthroposophy to new students, and knew what they needed at different stages of their learning. Erwin was supported by a team of colleagues who contributed to the lessons and today EduCareDo continues to be carried by dedicated volunteers.

Since the lessons first began over 3,000 students from 30 countries have enroled in the EduCareDo long distance education course. Over time, the interest from teacher and farmer training courses led to community partnerships with various schools and other organisations around the world.

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