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The EduCareDo Lessons are written to support an individual in their study of anthroposophy while at the same time encouraging people to come together.  The information that follows can assist those wishing to form an EduCareDo study group.

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An EduCareDo Study Group is made up of any number of people who come together to study the EduCareDo lessons. The common thread is that all participants are EduCareDo Students, including anyone who may be leading the group. An EduCareDo ‘student’ refers to anyone who is currently enrolled with EduCareDo and is receiving the lessons or has done so in the past, as many people go over the lessons numerous times.

The value of EduCareDo is recognized around the world for the flexibility it offers individuals and organizations alike to study deeply together and support one another while also allowing for one’s own individual process. Each group has its own rhythm and duration and tends to do some course elements together such as the artistic activities and exercises, and offer space to share questions and findings with one another. The course design is experiential and practical. Study group attendance is not an EduCareDo requirement, but members choose to attend in order to experience the benefits of working together with others and sharing the exploration of the EduCareDo questions, ‘What do I know, how do I care, and what do I do?’


The cost per person for the 26 lessons is $350; this includes the $100 discount for teachers and study group members.  We are happy to offer a further discount of one free enrolment after the 6th new student in the study group (7th enrolment is free). There is no additional fee to obtain the General or the Teacher's Foundation Certificate of Completion. 


Starting a study group is as easy as contacting EduCareDo and expressing an interest. We discuss your location and your plans for the study group such as when it will commence, how we will refer to the study group and if it will be open to a specific group of people. To start with, the person initiating the group is considered the point of contact for both EduCareDo and those interested in enrolling. An existing EduCareDo Student who wants to revisit the lessons and join in with an existing study group can be included at the discretion of the group itself.  

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Take a look at how some organisations are using the EduCareDo lessons in an independent form to train new teachers and farmers.

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Biodynamic Association (USA) Foundation Year in Farming

The Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year is a hands-on, holistic approach to farmer education. The trainees will study the EduCareDo Foundation Year in Anthroposophy alongside their practical work on the farm.

Delve deeply into the practice of biodynamics with individualized support from an experienced biodynamic mentor farmer.

Apprentice on an established biodynamic mentor farm or implement biodynamics on the farm you manage.

Work with a cohesive learning curriculum of short readings, experiential exercises, and lively conversation spaces.

biodynamic apprenticeship bda educaredo

This new program builds upon the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP), which began in 2009 and has graduated 37 new biodynamic farmers to date.