Foundation Year Certificate

To receive a certificate of completion, please submit all the required materials for assessment to your tutor.

Required Materials for Certificate of Completion

  1. Diary Sheets - Complete a diary sheet for each of the 26 lessons. They are at the end of the lessons and serve as a template for the lesson summary. The student is asked to review after each Lesson:

    1. What was new to me in this lesson?

    2. What was most inspiring to me in this lesson?

    3. What can I do with these discoveries?

  2. Two artistic expressions - Send one from the first half of the year (Lessons 1 - 14), and one from the second (Lessons 15 - 26). Artistic expressions include poetry, painting, sculpture, musical pieces or dramatic performances. Copies can be submitted to EduCareDo as a photocopy, photograph or video.

Diary sheets are submitted to EduCareDo at the end of each lesson group. Materials are due after: Lessons 1 - 7, Lessons 8 - 14, Lesson 15 - 20, Lesson 21 - 26.

Foundation Year Certificate for Teachers

To receive the Foundation Year Certificate for Teachers, students will complete the Foundation Course including the requirements of the Foundation Year Certificate plus additional mentoring and study within the education sector.


  1. Written Component - Submit four 750 – 1000-word essays on topics chosen from within each of the four lesson groups.

  2. Mentor Diary Sheets - Submit 4 mentor diary sheets from your work with your mentor. One topic is selected from within each of the 4 lesson groups. Mentor relationships are chosen by each participant. A mentor can be chosen from within the Waldorf teaching community or another individual working from the impulse of anthroposophy, willing to support your exploration of (or deeper enquiry into) a specific topic. The following three different mentor options are also acceptable to fulfill this requirement:

    1. Work within a study group. Diary sheets can be filled out by the participant and signed by the facilitator of the study group.

    2. Working with multiple mentors to complete the diary sheets for the 4 different areas of enquiry or topics you are exploring.

    3. Working with an individual mentor who has a background in anthroposophy.

  3. Professional Development Student Hours - Fulfil 25 hours towards professional development over the length of the course. Attending anthroposophical themed courses, lectures, conferences, or participating in study groups or online forums meets this requirement.

Written Components, Diary Sheets and Mentor Diary Sheets are submitted to EduCareDo at the end of each lesson group. Required materials are due after:  Lessons 1 - 7, Lessons 8 - 14, Lesson 15 - 20, Lesson 21 - 26.