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The impulse behind EduCareDo is for  students to have an individual learning experience that supports the integration of an understanding of anthroposophical principles into their personal and professional lives. Study groups provide the additional benefit of having an opportunity to share questions and insights, and to have thoughtful discussions about what is being learned.

An EduCareDo study group forms when people decide to study the EduCareDo lessons together. Anyone who is currently enrolled with EduCareDo and is receiving the lessons or anyone who has been a student of EduCareDo in the past can join a study group. There are study groups in the general community,  teacher, staff and parent communities, such as biodynamic farming associations in many countries. Several Waldorf schools have established study groups as a pedagogical foundation and professional development for their staff and teachers.

How to start a study group

Starting a study group is as easy as contacting EduCareDo and expressing an interest. We discuss your plans, such as when it will commence, the name of the study group and if it will be open to a specific group of people.

There are two ways for study group members to register.

1. Members enrol individually on the EduCareDo website and note the name of the study group on the enrolment form and pay the study group member discounted fee.

2. An email is sent to EduCareDo with a list of those enrolling (is sent by email with) which includes each members name, email and contact number. A lump sum payment can be made by electronic bank transfer or via the PayPal gateway on the website using instructions from EduCareDo.

Once the enrolments have been processed, each member of the study group receives a student ID number and the lessons are mailed directly to their email address.


The cost per person for the 26 lessons is $350; this includes the $100 discount for teachers and study group members.  We are happy to offer a further discount of one free enrolment after the 6th new student in the study group (7th enrolment is free). There is no additional fee to obtain the Foundation Year Certificate or the Foundation Year Certificate for Teachers. 


I’ve already studied with EduCareDo. Can I join a new study group that is forming in my community?

Anyone who has studied EduCareDo in the past will already have the lessons. You will not need to re-enrol but you will need to contact EduCareDo by email to update your details and register for the study group.

Who runs the study group?

Each group has a nominated person normally called the facilitator, who is responsible for communication with members about meeting times and to let EduCareDo know of any changes to the group that affect the administration of the course. Most study groups follow the principles of the Goethean conversation, which is a form of conscious social inquiry.

What is the format of the study group?

The course design is experiential and practical and every study group establishes its own rhythm and timetable. Some groups decide to have their members read the lessons on their own and meet to do the lesson activities together such as the experiments, artistic exercises and reflective tasks. Other groups will work through each lesson together.

Can I work towards a certificate of completion when I’m a member of a study group?

Everyone can work at their own pace and submit assessments to EduCareDo if they want to receive a certificate of completion. Not everyone in the group has to work toward a certificate. It’s an individual decision.

“For many years I hesitated coming towards anthroposophy because I felt that anything from the spiritual realm was private, special and too big to be put into language or “boxed” in some way. I have recently taken the position of board chair at a Steiner School and to support my role in our school’s growth I decided to enrol in the EduCareDo course. I have truly enjoyed the unfolding nature of the lessons and in particular; group discussion where we can question the work presented to us within a space open to the arising of new understanding. This course has allowed me to look deeper into life, with more joy and it naturally follows that it supports my role on the board as well as in my business.” (quote from a study group member)

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Take a look at how some organisations are using the EduCareDo lessons in an independent form to train new teachers and farmers.

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Biodynamic Association (USA) Foundation Year in Farming

The Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year is a hands-on, wholistic approach to farmer education. The trainees will study the EduCareDo Foundation Year in Anthroposophy alongside their practical work on the farm.

Delve deeply into the practice of biodynamics with individualised support from an experienced biodynamic mentor farmer.

Apprentice on an established biodynamic mentor farm or implement biodynamics on the farm you manage.

Work with a cohesive learning curriculum of short readings, experiential exercises, and lively conversation spaces.

biodynamic apprenticeship bda educaredo

This new program builds upon the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP), which began in 2009 and has graduated 37 new biodynamic farmers to date.